The EU Commission has things a wee bit wrong in their new PSA that tries to get girls interested in science. No; “wrong” is not quite accurate, as I don’t want to label their efforts as such. Perhaps, “fucked up,” “wonky” and “lame,” make far more sense. If my brain weren’t fried because it’s Friday, I could have come up with far more creative adjectives. I could have also reached for a thesaurus.

Although I’m sure they meant no harm with the video below, the explosion of pink and sparkles as a means to lure girls into more scientific fields is, as I stated above, fucked up. After watching it five times, I’m still trying to figure out how blush and lipstick have anything to do with science. I’m also trying to understand why these young girls are rocking stilettos and swinging their hips as if they’re 25-years-old women out on the prowl on a Friday night.

Due to the negative feedback, the EU has removed the video. However, some genius grabbed it and put it on YouTube just in the nick of time. I’m posting the video below and linking to it, in case they snag it from us too.

And to think that all this time my aversion to science was simply because it wasn’t splattered with the color pink! Silly me. Thoughts, ladies?

[youtube_iframe id=”g032MPrSjFA”]