CNN is reporting on a study that found that found that women who have “pear shapes” — i.e., hips — are more likely to develop memory problems than their apple-shaped counterparts.

So, yeah. Here’s the thing about that. First of all, I bet that this only takes effect if you’re significantly obese, and I also bet that the difference between women’s body shapes was on the slim side, meaning, there wasn’t much difference. I might be wrong, but I say that because I think we’d know by now if women with big hips were drastically less likely to remember things. How would we know? We’d notice.

That’s the thing about a lot of medical research that makes for good headlines — the headline is often the most misleading part. This article happens to not mention the specifics of the study, but half the time when you read something like this, somewhere around the middle of the story you find out that findings are “inconclusive” or some scientist says, “we need to look more into this, but…”

All I’m saying is, if you’re going to make a headline about how body shapes affect memory, it seems a little irresponsible to me to not include specifics, and to do it in such a way that it makes it sound like any woman who has hips larger than Gisele is going to start cognitive decline any day now. A little journalistic intergrity, people. Please.