sextingFor the umpteenth time, a sexting situation has turned “scandalous.” You are so shocked, aren’t you?

One of the top executives over at Hearst is “quitting” because he’s been caught in a salacious sexting scandal from which the company will probably never be able to recover. “SINGLE father” and obvious deviant Scott Sassa had been engaging in some sexy phone behavior with a stripper (read: consenting adult) whom he met last December in Los Angeles. The sexting included naked photos from the woman to Sassa, and a bevy of sexy notes that probably talk about penises and vaginas hanging out together at a pizza parlor on a Saturday. You know, the usual sexting lingo.

Everything was fine and dandy until the woman decided to blackmail Sassa for some cash. Because Sassa, the man who has now brought shame upon his company (the one that publishes Cosmo, mind you), didn’t give in to her demands, the woman sent copies of all those dirty, nasty (yet probably fun) sexts to Sassa’s bosses. Now Sassa is stepping down from his position.

According to Gawker, a source said, “She was texting him sexy pictures, and he was responding using words you absolutely would not want your bosses to see.”

Well, obviously. I wouldn’t be jumping up and down in delight if Jennifer was forwarded all the dirty things I’ve texted to people either, but I hardly think that would warrant my dismissal. If anything it would be awkward that my bosses and co-workers know that I call my vagina, “Mandy’s Heavenly Treasure Trove;” then we’d move on with our lives. It would be more than hypocritical of them to can me over such an incident. And honestly, even if I didn’t write about sex and, say, worked at a school, if it’s consenting adults and it’s happening outside of work, shouldn’t the embarrassment of your boss knowing such details be enough?

I’m not sure how many more times we’ll have to cover this, but people are sexual beings. They enjoy sex and it’s healthier to accept that, than deny it. Punishing consenting adults for a natural urge is just wrong, oh so wrong, and even more wrong once you consider who Sassa’s bosses are, or rather, were.

I have to go sext photos of Mandy’s Heavenly Trea– bake a cake for some unfortunate French dude now.

Via Gawker