Scout Willis took a topless walk through the streets of New York in protest of Instagram’s nudity policies, which frequently leads to photographs of women being taken down on the grounds of vulgarity. This might include topless breast cancer survivors, mothers breastfeeding, or topless women just hanging out (i.e., Rihanna‘s topless pictures that were removed)–we’re not pornographic photos. Willis tweeted the photos and some excellent points about the double standard, and she pretty much nailed it.

Kids these days just need a cause to rally behind, and then we won’t be the hopeless bunch of millennials unable to hold down jobs or keep our lives on track that our make older generations’ hair fall out. Our parents had Vietnam, and we have Instagram’s policy on female breasts. Let’s take to the streets.


Joking aside, this is pretty fucking awesome on Willis’ part. Just look at this tweet:


It’s patently absurd that exposed female chests are vulgar while exposed male chests are status quo, and the assumption that breasts only exist in a sexual context is absurd. Instagram’s policy only furthers the notion that our bodies are bad (women’s bodies are worse), and that we should cover ourselves in shame. And as Willis points out, what she did was perfectly legal in New York (we tried it out ourselves a few years back), yet Instagram would call those photos vulgar and innappropriate. I just see a girl shopping.

I didn’t know much about Scout Willis until this moment, but if I ever see her in person (unlikely), I’m going to give her a big high five. Shame on every company with double standards about nudity and projecting vulgarity onto women’s bodies unnecessarily.

Photos: Twitter