Wotan Saluted
Hyperion Nodded
Iluvatar Winked
Coeus Waved But Then Realized It Wasn’t Who He Thought It Was So He Kept Waving Until They Passed To Make It Look Like He Was Waving At Someone Else
Cronus Sighed
Loki Knelt
Pan Capered
Ra Genuflected
Mnemosyne Coughed
Tethys Raised An Eyebrow But Said Nothing
Theia Pointed
Rhea Drummed Her Fingertips
Themis Sulked
Eos Sniffed
Chthulu Was Late On Purpose
Baal Bit His Nails
The Dagda Delivered A Backhanded Compliment
Helios Tripped
Hermes Sneezed
Persephone Said “No, No, It’s Fine” But Then Wouldn’t Make Eye Contact
Mandos Threw Up His Hands
Olòrún Stretched
Leda Crossed Her Arms
Oceanus Wrote A Letter Just Telling Him Off In His Mind
Epimetheus Rolled His Eyes Like “Can You Believe This Guy?”
Lilith Pretended Not To Hear Him
Ekwensu Tore Up The Napkin Into Tiny Pieces
Metis Tapped Her Foot
Pallas Fidgeted
Shango Yawned
Osiris Wept
Orion Regretted
Orpheus Adjusted
Baldur Preened
Adonis Looked Up A Little Too Quickly
Izanagi Pretended To Be Asleep
Lailah Whistled
Quetzalcoatl Resented Everyone
Theseus Kicked At A Rock
Hercules Said “Oh, Is That New?” Even Though He Knew It Wasn’t And What Was That Supposed To Mean

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