"I couldn't help but wonder..."

“I couldn’t help but wonder…”

“After this, meanwhile that, while sometime up there, before the night was over…” And on and on. If there was anything that Carrie Bradshaw taught us, it was that in her world there were less than a dozen ways to start a sentence. She also taught us the now irksome beginner: “I couldn’t help but wonder…” THE WOMAN WAS LIKE A GODDAMN BROKEN RECORD.

Don’t believe me? Have you forgotten just how redundant it all was? Well, Slacktory recalls it all, and they recall it perfectly. Seriously, you guys, even I, one who used to (still does, but that’s not the point) obsess over Sex and the City was aggravated beyond words after watching this video. It’s hard to tell if it’s laziness on the part of the people manning the segue ship, faulty writing or just straight-up shitty attention to detail.

How could a show have lasted so long if, at the end of the day, it broke down to what you’re about to watch? That, my friends, is the million dollar question of 2013. I know you thought it was going to be what are Kardashian and West naming mini-K, but no; it’s how the fuck did Sex and the City last so long based on this. THIS.

[youtube_iframe id=”mn_gFzTvUw0″]


Photo: HBO