sex and the city

You know, Sex and the City mostly taught me that it was okay to make jokes about sex and how to properly pronounce Manolo Blahnik, but, also, it maybe ruined my life.

And the lives of women everywhere? There’s an article on The Daily Mail called “The Lonely Legacy of My Sex And The City Lifestyle” which states:

I was part of the Sex And The City generation — successful, feisty women who made their own money, answered to no one and lived life to the full.

When it came to men, our attitude to them was the same as it was towards the latest must-have handbag: only the best would do, no compromises should be made, and even then it would be quickly tired of and cast aside.

What none of us spent too long thinking about in our 20s and 30s was how our lifestyles would impact on us once we reached middle-age, when we didn’t want to go out and get sozzled on cocktails and had replaced our stilettos and skinny jeans with flat shoes and elasticated waists.

When I look around at all my single friends — and there are a lot of them — not one of them is truly happy being on her own. Suddenly, all those women we pitied for giving up their freedom for marriage and children are the ones feeling sorry for us.

None of them are happy? Really? Well, that might be true, but I’m not sure that married people are necessarily happy 100% of the time, either.

The author explains:

On more than one occasion, I’ve found myself thinking that perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad, after all, to have someone to cook for, discuss the plot of Homeland with, or just offload to after a particularly bad day.

Lady. You do not need a husband for that. It sounds like you’d like a roommate. They are easy to find.

In an uncharacteristic moment I’m going to stick up for Sex and the City and say that they did an episode of Sex and the City wherein they talked about how every few years women’s lifestyles are going to leave them forever alone. You’re probably not going to be left alone forever. Everything is going to be fine. Wear shoes that you like wearing. Discussion over.

Picture via Sex and the City