Real Or Fake: Which of these absurd Sex and the City quotes is real?

When I was growing up, my mom wouldn’t let me watch Sex & the City. If I recall correctly, her banning of the show from my television lineup was for all the reasons most people list for hating it: it glamorizes unhealthy relationships, it’s dull, it’s heteronormative, it puts too much emphasis on female competition outside of one’s friend group, it stereotypes men as idiots, and so on.

However, as I got older, I managed to watch an episode. Okay, fine, I watched a lot of episodes, and while I still think the show isn’t particularly appealing to me right now, I can understand how so many people got totally into it. I think if it were still on the air, I would be one of those people who watched it religiously, and I’m totally not ashamed to admit that.

Of course, my enjoyment was not without minor perils. One of the things that struck me as simultaneously appealing and cringe-inducing was the sheer number of absurd one-liners that the characters use at every turn in every situation. Don’t get me wrong–I am all about silly quotes and weirdos taking over television, but the things these four main characters say are ridic. That said, they’re also pretty hilarious, so it winds up adding to the shows whimsical, over-the-top take on life in New York. (I would have totally wanted to be “a Samantha,” and not simply because of my name, but because of all the outlandish stuff that woman says and thinks and also I want to be a hot blonde.)

So, in honor of Sarah Jessica Parker‘s birthday yesterday, we decided to bring you a whole quiz on the subject. Think you know Sex & the City? Then figure out which quotes are real and which are made up in The Gloss labs!