As you already know, Beyonce has been dubbed ‘sexiest woman of the century’ by the sentient penis that controls GQ. But did you know there are 99 runners-up who are worthy of the male gaze as well? It’s true!

Open the magazine (or the website) and you will find winners in a plethora of categories, including Hottest Jessicas, Hottest Scene In A Movie, and Hottest Chicks According To Your Dumb, Penis-less Girlfriend, Women Be Talking, Amirite Fellas? (I’m paraphrasing.) But the categories to raise the most eyebrows are definitely the ethnic ones.

Wading into somewhat testy waters, they’ve got Hottest Chinese Chick (Zhang Ziyi), Hottest Italian Chick (Monica Bellucci), Hottest Indian Chick (Freida Pinto), and Hottest Pregnant Sri Lankan Chick (M.I.A.). Oh my.

As this is the American edition of the magazine, I guess it makes sense to keep things focused on American “chicks” but include token hotties from other countries. But is that all they were really doing here? It looks more to me like they were attempting to go right up to the line of “edginess” without crossing it, the “edgy” thing in this case being treating women like various breeds of cattle. At least they didn’t think they could get away with breaking down everyone who’s not white by broad ethnic categories? Progress!

Of course, getting offended is a slippery slope and I can’t really be bothered today, so I’m going to respond to this with a big, huge #KanyeShrug and continue going about my day.

Also, this is neither here nor there, but it was super erroneous to illustrate an item on how all Victoria’s Secret models look the same with a photo of the very recognizable Karlie Kloss. But I guess knowing stuff about fashion is for girls.

(Via Styleite)

Photo: GQ