Yesterday, I gave you my opinion about football players who are currently facing charges of rape (I don’t think they should be allowed to play). Today, we find out that Michael Vick — he of the infamous dogfighting charges — has signed a deal to be a spokesman for sports clothing company Unequal apparel.

Suprisingly enough, the president of Unequal tells CNN that he’s a dog owner…but also a Christian:

“As a dog owner, I know the love of a pet…But as a Christian, I believe that people can repent and deserve a second chance.”

If you want my opinion, Vick has already been given a second chance — a fucking multimillion dollar second chance, courtesy of the Philadelphia Eagles. And I’m also a dog owner, and I’m pretty appalled that someone with a dog would want to see the face of someone who once killed dogs viciously for sport endorsing their company.

But that’s just me. I think what’s really getting to me about this whole Vick, Roethlisberger etc. situation is this: there are a shockingly high number of criminally violent football players. Is that surprising, given that they’ve been rewarded their whole lives for being uber-aggressive to the point of violence? Not really. But it is disturbing that so many innocent people and animals are paying the price for the absurdly high value that our society (and yes, primarily men) place on an aggressively macho, hero-worshiping game.

My question is, when are the lives and safety of those people (and dogs) going to be put first? When is something going to be done to curb a culture that not only endorses but encourages this kind of behavior?

By the way, if you want to see what the dogfighting of Michael Vick hath wrought in order to help guide you in answering this question, just google his name. But be forewarned, the images are gruesome.