Princess Leia is a blaster-wielding badass with tons of outfits to choose from, but you wouldn’t know it from the Toys R Us aisles.

According to Jezebel, one mother wrote in this weekend to tell the tale of her journey to Toys R Us, where she was dismayed in the giant Star Wars section to discover that the only toy version of Leia she could buy was in her gold bikini with a chain around her neck. Not exactly the kind of toy one wants to give one’s daughter.

The lack of options in that aisle is disappointing because Leia has so many outfits to choose from. There’s the classic white dress with cinnamon bun hair from A New Hope, and the sneaky bounty hunter outfit. She has her burgundy Bespin dress (a personal favorite), her hippie-looking Ewok dress, and her white snowsuit on Hoth. And, of course, there’s the gold bikini she wears as Jabba the Hutt’s slave, and if you want a toy of Leia that’s apparently all you’re getting right now, even if you are a little girl who wants a toy of your favorite hero and your mom doesn’t want to get you the version where she’s dressed in a loin cloth and wearing a giant neck chain because she doesn’t think that’s an appropriate toy for a small child.

Slave Leia is the only Leia in the Hasbro Star Wars Black Series  line so far, and we’re disappointed, and not just by the figure’s bizarre facial expression and ugly points of articulation. Sure, there have been plenty of other, better Leia figures available over the years, and the Power of the Jedi line even included Luke Skywalker in his underwear in the Echo Base Bacta Tank (this is another personal favorite), but apparently we are going to take a few steps back in 2014 because right now the only Leia figure available in Toys R Us stores or on its website is the Black Series’ Slave Leia or an Angry Bird with Leia’s signature hairstyle.

We don’t have a problem with sexy toys in general or Slave Leia in particular. We have a problem with Slave Leia being the only Leia in the store. Frankly, we don’t want to live in a world where we cannot go into our friendly, neighborhood, kid-friendly toy store and instantly find a Princess Leia toy in her “Classic Leia” outfit from A New Hope, cinnamon buns and all.


And if brick and mortar stores (and their websites) aren’t going to give us what we want, we’re just going to take our search to the Internet. Check out all the cool Leia figures we found on Amazon. Suck it, Toys R Us. We’ll spend our nerd dollars elsewhere.

(Photo: Toys R Us, Mr. Golightly)