Today’s ladies’ figure skating long program at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi was a roller coaster of emotions. Well, ladies’ figure skating is pretty much always a roller coaster of emotions (and contortions), but with a surprise upset for gold this year…this competition was really fun to watch. My heart was jumping and spinning along with all of the skaters because holy hell, there is just so much raw emotion in this beautiful, complicated sport. Here are fifteen photos of the ladies’ figure skaters feeling all the feels: The awkward, the absolutely heartbroken and the triumphantly joyous.

1. Adelina Sotnikova from Russia won gold on her home turf, the first ladies’ figure skater ever to win gold for Russia. She was not a favorite going into the competition and basically skated away with the gold out of the blue. This picture makes me so incredibly happy for her. Just look at it!! She cannot believe that just happened.


2. Yuna Kim, the favorite and reigning gold medalist from 2010, skated amazingly, but still only took silver. She looks…underwhelmed by her performance, even though it was beautiful.


3. Carolina Kostner, from Italy, skated an amazing program (one of the best of her career) to win the bronze. She was pretty happy with her performance:


4. The United States’ Gracie Gold came in 4th, even though she fell during her program. I like how she smiles when she gets right back up, though.

Figure Skating - Winter Olympics Day 13

5. Ashley Wagner, also of the United States, skated a saucy program. She did a lot of saucy facial expressions during it, as well. I was rooting for her hardcore, even though her road to the Olympics was controversial.


6. Russia’s Julia Lipnitskaia was a breakout star this year, but she fell during her program, in which she skated to music from Schindler’s List. Aww, I feel bad. But she’s only 15, so she can come back strong in four years.


7. Polina Edmunds of the United States is also only 15, competing at her first Olympics. She fell but otherwise skated well. She’s an emoter, huh?


8. Akiko Suzuki, one of the oldest competitors at age 28, just looked happy to be out there. So much joy!

Figure Skating - Winter Olympics Day 13

9. I had never heard of Valentina Marchei, from Italy, before this Olympics. She skated a beautiful program wearing a beautiful dress and she seemed so happily surprised with herself!

valentina-marchei10. Hae-Jin Kim of Korea did better than she thought she would, I guess? She’s so happy, she’s a little bit scared!

haejin0kim11. Anne Line Gjersem of Norway is poised and confused.


12. Germany’s Nathalie Weinzierl fell during her program and here she is, crying in the kiss-and-cry area. Oh god.


13. Gabrielle Daleman of Canada wore a pretty peacock costume and also cried in the kiss-and-cry. If it were me, I would be SOBBING up in there.


14. Mao Asada was another favorite to win the gold, but she skated a truly disastrous short program yesterday. Her long program was gorgeous, but she knew it wasn’t enough to win her a medal. This is also likely her last Olympics, so you can see how emotional she felt when she finished skating. I want to hug her!


15. And, to finish it all off, this adorable photo of Adelina and Carolina. I don’t think either of these women expected to be on the podium. Yet here they are! High-fiving in total joy. Man Olympic figure skating is THE BEST.


Photos: Getty Images