So, possibly, someone was tired and out of ideas about beauty or fashion, and perhaps that someone was me. It’s 4:00 and Tuesday and Christina Hendricks only has so much cleavage to share with the world. But because I was resourceful I took to the Internet and googled “what are some good things to write about?” I don’t want to spoil this for you, but the answer is “not wizards, they’ll make you look like a newb.”

Basically, this. This is the best Yahoo Answers thread I have ever seen.

It begins…

What i should write about
What the characters look like im not really that creative
How should i start it and let it be good that people would love to read
I would love it if you would answer my questions and give me some ideas pleas and thank you! :D

And this not really creative person is advised…

nothing about vampires first of all…

1st was wizards
2nd vampires
3rd fill in the blanks

so yeah writers have good imaginations so think of something besides vampires and wizards bc it will make you look like a newb.

maybe the era of the zombies, aliens, future, robots, a music band, i donno like something new nothing that ppl had ever think of. a drama series read alot of books… yeah that will help alot..

good luck.

So, basically, this post is not about vampires or wizards, so I’ve done my job successfully. Yes? Yes? Have I mentioned that I am a robot in a band?