SOPA censors sexy

SOPA is an anti-online-piracy bill currently making its way through congress that would grant creators of content extreme amounts of power over how that content is distributed. So if a site is illegally showing “War Horse”, Warner Brothers studio could demand that Google remove that site from its search list. Google points out that is is idiotic, because piracy websites will just change their addresses and continue being pirates. The real problem is that the law would also apply to breaches not intended by other law abiding websites – if TheGloss say, posts a clip that Warner Brothers decides they do not like us posting, then they can order us to be taken off the list of search results and have all funding towards that site cease (and as the bill initially proposed, all that would be required was a “good faith letter” from the studios).

While certain big name sites might be fine, and have the reasources to work around this, it has potential to be hugely damaging to smaller sites. Let’s say you store pictures online at some site called “Fun picture site.” Fun Picture Site posts a picture that is copyrighted. Fun picture site is now shut down. All your fun pictures? No longer exist. The potential for abuse is pretty massive, which is probably why the creator of WordPress (the platform TheGloss runs on) has claimed that “the authors of the legislation don’t seem to really understand how the Internet works.”

In conclusion, since a lot of the Internet is dark in protest today, we will brighten it up with some sexy pictures of sexy censors! Because we love rules and play by them and are not pirates. Please let us continue to be. Who wouldn’t want to hang out with these super hot guys? They are the hottest! I have no idea if any of these pictures are copyrighted, except for the top one, which is from Gizmodo.

ED NOTE: Do you have any idea how hard it is to get full backgrounds on these people with Wikipedia gone dark? Fuck it, I’m just describing their physical attributes. I’ve been stumbling through bizarre anti-Semitic pages to get background on Joe Breen. Most of the things I say might be completely made up.