Wagga Wagga, southeastern Australia: thousands (seems low!) of spiders have moved inland to escape rising flood waters, which resulted in a bunch of photos you will see in your nightmares forever. As residents evacuate, spiders apparently subsumed every surface imaginable in their impression of a biblical plague. Says science (via Time):

Experts said the spiders may be spinning the sticky webs to survive the inundation. This behavior is known as ballooning and is common among spiders that have fled from floods, according to Australian Museum’s entomology collections manager Graham Milledge. In such widespread wet weather, the country’s spider population has boomed.

The spiders are expected to go back underground once the flooding stops. On the bright side, they’ve managed to polish off some of the mosquito population, which has swelled with the flooding. Cold comfort!

(Time, who have video! and MSN)