James Franco is not being hilarious on purpose in the Spring Breakers trailer. It’s just that, as he is playing someone with cornrows who is on the wrong side of the law, he looks absolutely terrified in every single scene. Also, he has a grill. All of this is funny. It’s a laugh riot. Meanwhile, Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens looks like pouty children who have been dragged on one of those vacations by her parents where she is being made to walk through every single “interesting factory” in Italy. Despite the fact that this appears to be taking place someplace warm, with bikinis.

Seriously, look at this ridiculous Spring Breakers trailer.



What was your favorite part? I think my favorite part might be when they hold up a convenience store wearing short shorts:

spring breakers

Because everyone knows that when you are robbing places, you wear pants. It is just one of the rules of being a robber. Pants, or alternatively, leather catsuits, like catwoman. Those are essentially the two apparel options for female robbers. Also, I understand why Selena Gomez would do this. She probably wants to shake up her image, and that makes sense. But do you think James Franco was just trying to pay his rent? Is he not making enough money off his book of poetry?