I think we can all agree that planking is kind of silly. What purpose does it serve? Why does it exist? What does it MEAN?

But of all the planking pictures I’ve seen, stripper planking is not only my favorite, I believe that it has a function, and that function is reminding the world that strippers are people, with brains, senses of humor, and internet connections (stop the presses!).

Lots of folks like to think that sex workers exist only for sex acts, and that when that sex act is over — the bj you bought from a prostitute, the lap dance you bought from a stripper — the woman or man providing that service disappears into thin air. It’s very similar to the mentality that little kids have about teachers: they exist to serve you, and that’s all.

But that’s actually – wait for it – not the case, and these pics of strippers planking humanize sex workers in a funny, relatable way.

Plus, planking in stripper heels and thongs is extra amusing. Well played, ladies. Well played.

For more images of strippers planking, go here.

[via strippertweets, katstories]