women's magazines stupid feel good tips

Women’s magazines: dedicated to the notion that all you need to be happy is a bubble bath.

Look, everyone at TheGloss wants you to indulge yourself. We want you to become so successful that you can indulge yourself in absolutely insane ways, like eating foie gras stuffed French toast for breakfast, or having those weird pedicures where tiny fish eat the dead skin off your feet. We want you to be able to treat yourselves in ways that make people wonder if you are clinically insane. That time may be a while off, but until then, we don’t ever want you to get to a point where you regard a bath as something “super decadent” instead of a bath, which is part of hygiene. If any one of the following pieces of advice from ladies magazines strikes you as really exciting, take a second to dream bigger. We’ll help you dream bigger. With pictures.

(Excellent pictures by Emma Charlton)