You know what’s better than being a woman-child? Being a woman. Partly because it means that you’re competent and know how to do stuff, partly because wearing a cupcake bra is just a really hard look to pull off. You know how it is. And you deserve a prize. I mean, part of the prize for being a woman is “being able to drink martinis” but you deserve more prizes.

Tell us how you did something that moved you towards being a grown-up. Buying an apartment. Landing your first job. Figuring out how a 401K works. Negotiating a raise. Investing in the stock market. Kidnapping a child (I don’t know what adulthood means to you. I’d say probably not that, but we’re open to suggestions).

Or littler things, too. Next week, Jamie going to floss for the first time. I’m going to try giving up caffeine (although I really, frankly thought that having an IV of coffee in my veins was an essential part of being a grown-up.) Ashley is going to bring her lunch into work instead of buying it every day. Little things we can do that will make us probably live longer, and better.  I guess we could just call this “being a reasonable human being who doesn’t bring your belonging to their airport in trash bag” but, in this Girls era, that qualifies as an accomplishment.

In return we will give you a box containing jewelry, make-up, and a flask. I think having a flask is an important part of being an adult, and no one will convince me otherwise. Just send your stories – approximately 800 words! Hopefully with a picture of you! – to Ashley [at] or Jennifer [at] before next Friday.

We will publish them and you will become famous like my heroine, Katharine Hepburn. And you will earn your own big girl badge.

Pictures via wikipedia and me being a creative genius