budweiser clyesdale

The New York Times who has recently discovered that people use their phones to make plans and hang out – is flabbergasted that the Super Bowl ads are not speaking for your generation. They counted and they saw:

– A mother in law joke

– Anthropomorphic animals

– Ethnic dialects

– A mash-up of Lawrence of Arabia and Priscilla Queen of The Desert (because young people hate movies about drag queens?)

– 4 images of astronauts

– An ad set at a prom

– A line of pistachios dressed up like dancers from the 1950’s

– “Slapstick violence, with men always the victims” (because it would be better if it were women?)

Okay, what does the New York Times think appeals to young people? Why would we not like astronauts? Just because we don’t really have them anymore doesn’t mean you can’t like them. Lots of people like dinosaurs. And ladies in dancing lines.

Who doesn’t love talking animals? Those are for everyone, Grey Lady.

What does the New York Times think young people like? Just bongo drums, Occupy Wall Street and Twitter? Twitter and not going out on dates?  You cannot make a commercial out of that, New York Times, unless it is for Twitter or the Obama campaign, in which case you can, but, really, I just want to watch bittersweet ads about horses. In other news, I am 46 on the inside.

Here, watch it, I dare you not to cry, young person: