Suri Cruise

As I’ve said many, many times before, I typically do not feel feel a whole lot of empathy nor sympathy toward celebrities. However, child celebrities are different for me, especially ones that just happen to be famous because their parents are. When it comes to celebrity kids, one of the biggest names is Suri, daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. While I totally understand (well, not really, but kind of) people being fascinated with Suri, I do not find it appropriate to treat her as an adult when discussing or addressing her.

While being bombarded by fans and photographers outside a hotel, Holmes hangs onto Suri and her friend, guiding them to a car waiting for them. The paparazzi do their typical, “Hey, over here!” and “Hi, Katie/Suri!”-type shouting while Suri frustratedly tells them to GTFO of their way. At first, I thought this was adorable (and it is), but then I realized that it is also incredibly sad. When you are a seven-year-old, it can be stressful just to go to the mall because everyone is big and you’re little. Now imagine being surrounded by tons of people who are obsessed with you. Terrifying, right?

However, one paparazzo became annoyed himself when the trio gets in the car apparently without giving him enough photos or story, so he calls Suri a “brat” and the b-word. Can I just reiterate that she is seven?

Kids can be irrational and irate sometimes; they’re kids. Adults should know better. Adults should know that a child is still a child, even if that child is wearing Prada shoes. Calling a little girl any awful word is completely unacceptable (even when that kid doesn’t do what you want to serve your employer’s child fascination quota, yes!) and, when you think about it, just defines you as a brat. Or simply an absolute asshole.

[via Fishwrapper]