Unless you’ve been living under a rock with no internet, you know that Sydney Leathers is not, in fact, the doorman at an exclusive gay BDSM club, but the woman to whom Anthony Weiner most recently sent pictures of his penis (that we know of). She is disgusted by “Carlos Danger” and his sext-scandal-having ways, but apparently not too disgusted to do a sexy bikini photo shoot for the official newspaper of classy people, The New York Post.

Published EXCLUSIVELY in The Post earlier today, the shoot features “Sydney” frolicking in one of New York’s many crystal-clear bodies of water in what I think we can all agree is an unflatteringly diaper-like high waisted bikini. In a Facebook post promoting the shoot, The Post probes, “So we have to ask: Hot or not?” Why, it’s almost like they did this with the conscious intention of inciting body-snarking and subsequent feminist backlash. How very 21st century!


This has sparked many thoughtful comments thus far, including “How abouttttttt…. ….not glamorizing these whores?” (because everything is women’s fault), “She is Nasty in her granny’s two piece” (I like how Nasty is important enough to this person to get capitalized), and “Man the harpoons!!!” (Get it, because she is fat like a whale? Ha! Ha!) Conversely, one humorless harridan writes, “Hey NY Post… Don’t slam Weiner for crappy behavior when you’re being incredibly sexist… and have regularly, for decades, posted bikini shots of women.”

My first impulse is to feel mortified for this woman, but hey, let’s look on the bright side: former Eliot Spitzer employee Ashley Dupre was similarly exploited by The Post and was subsequently hired to give people advice in that very same paper, a position which she has since parlayed into a successful R&B career. Sydney Leathers knows what the fuck she’s doing and Sydney Leathers will have the last laugh.

(Via The New York Post)

Photo: The New York Post