“The tarsier disguises itself in the forest by pretending to be a small teddy bear, undergoing a colonoscopy.” Okay, everything about this video is great. Seriously. It is so great:


Maybe especially the part where narrator says “hello there, Freaky.” Or the fact that its eyes are bigger than its brains, because there is nothing – nothing – cuter than a tiny little brain. Except on people. Having a tiny brain if you are a person is not cute. However, having massive eyes is cute regardless of what species you are. Massive eyes, like tarsiers have.

I am now googling “how to adopt a tarsier.”

If you adopted a tarsier, what would you name it? I would name it Audrey, because actresses name Audrey (Tatou, Hepburn) tend to have enormous eyes.

Okay, no one will let me adopt one and let it ride around on my shoulder, which is kind of what I was hoping for, but there is a page on the World Wildlife Foundation – which explains that “these tiny mammals are at risk from habitat loss and hunting.” where you can sort of adopt one for $25.

They send you some pictures, so you can challenge those to a staring contest and I imagine it would work out about the same way it would in real life.

– Via Buzzfeed