Tavi knows best.

Tavi knows best.

When I grow up I want to be Tavi Gevinson. Yes, technically she might be young enough to be my child had I gotten a very early start on the baby train, but her wisdom and overall coolness baffles me. I like to pretend I was half as cool as she is when I was in high school. In fact, I like to tell people I was, but I fear no one believes me. Actually, I know no one believes me.

In her recent interview with CNN, Tavi covered a bunch of topics that pertain to not only Rookie, but pop culture in general, as well as the mean nastiness that bloggers have come to expect from Internet trolls. While some of us cry and others of us fight back, Tavi, again with years of wisdom under her belt that the majority of people will never garner in their lifetime, summed up the situation perfectly:

I’m really good at making teen angst romantic. I’m really good at dealing with heartbreak and things like that, and making it into this whole experience. But there’s no way to make someone-on-the-Internet-said-something-mean-about-me into romantic angst where you can listen to music and cry or whatever. That’s just really pathetic. So I just try and think about these worries in their simplest form: Feeling misunderstood and feeling afraid. Being afraid to change because who you’ve been is so well-documented is essentially a normal fear about growing up. Social interactions are completely mortifying and embarrassment is in store for you, and in a year you’ll hate whoever you are now and everything anyway. Just knowing all that helps too.

Can we just imagine for a moment how peaceful and respectful the world would be if we could all share Tavi’s poignant take on the matter? Let’s also all take a moment to remember that she’s only 16 years old.

Have we breathed all this enlightenment in sufficiently? Good. Of course, trolls will never get it, but at least bloggers, even those of us almost twice her age, have Tavi as a role model. She’s so cool.


Photo: Petra Collins/Oyster