Header photo taylor swift and cat via Taylor Swift Instagram

It’s no secret that Taylor Swift’s cats Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey (yes those are actually their real names) are living the good life. They can constantly be seen on her Instagram lounging around her apartment and generally living much more luxurious lives than you or me. I mean Lena Dunham even gave TayTay a pendant with one of their faces embedded in it.

So given how much Taylor loves her cats and how accustomed they are to living it up, it’s no surprise that they had pretty sweet gifts waiting for them under the tree this Christmas.

Taylor Swift’s mom managed to one-up Lena Dunham by giving Taylor two customized cat carriers, ensuring that Olivia and Meredith will be able to travel with her daughter in style.

TayTay posted a picture to her Instagram of the kitties peeking out of their respective carriers which had the names “Doctor Meredith Grey” and “Detective Olivia Benson” embroidered on them.

Taylor Swift Customized Cat Carrier via Taylor Swift Instagram

I can’t lie, those carriers are pretty cool. I mean when your owner is one of the most famous, shameless cat ladies ever, you clearly only get the best.

The carriers remind me of those monogrammed duffle bags and book bags that kids used to wear in elementary school. If you had one of those customized bags from the catalogs, you were pretty much the coolest kid in school. I think you can probably say the same thing about Taylor’s cats. Seeing Olivia and Meredith’s new carriers almost made me want to get my own monogrammed luggage so I can keep up with The Joneses (or The Swift-Benson-Greys?).

Between getting the best cat lady gifts of the year and having one of the most star-studded birthday parties ever, I’d say that 2014 has been pretty good to Taylor Swift.

Photos via Instagram