I love a lot of reality television (seriously), but some shows feel more upsetting than others. Programming like Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Jersey Shore center around selfish idiots who like to party and be selfish idiots who party. But then there are shows like Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2, which show young teenagers with children under the guise of being some sort of educational, informative program when, in fact, they just exploit these teens, their babies and the situations and show teenagers that if they get pregnant, they may wind up with hundreds of thousands of dollars from MTV, too.

Because of my feelings on the matter, I was not the least bit upset to read that Teen Mom 2 will likely be cancelled. The end of the show has not yet been officially decided by MTV yet, who said, “No decision has been made yet regarding a fifth season of ‘Teen Mom 2. But the network is planning to air the fourth season this year and will announce the premiere date soon.” However, there have been signs pointing toward the program’s demise, including the increasingly erratic behavior of star Jenelle Evans.

Evans, now 21, has had her pregnancy and subsequent irresponsible motherhood chronicled by MTV since 2011. After lots of abuse towards her mother, several arrests, drug use and other horrible choices, she announced a second pregnancy around Thanksgiving. Then, seven weeks into it, she seemed to give an unsettling “play-by-play” regarding a miscarriage, including a Tweet towards her husband saying, “I am getting a divorce, ASAP. YOU FUCKING LEAVE OUT OF TOWN AND I MIGHT BE HAVING A MISCARRIGE?! FUCK U, U FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT.”

But Evans is not the first person in this series to display frightening behavior. Anybody remember Amber Portwood of Teen Mom and her scariness (as well as that always-oh-so-close GED)? She nearly lost total custody of her child after physically abusing her daughter’s father Gary — on television, no less — and fighting in front of the toddler.

These are the sort of people and this is the type of behavior that MTV is condoning by continuing to keep crazy, irresponsible, abusive people on their payroll. Yes, there have been a couple of mothers that seem totally competent and as though they understand the concept of parenthood extremely well, but they are typically not the ones that boost the ratings and snag the headlines. Hopefully, though, Teen Mom 2 will actually be cancelled and kids won’t see this on television as a normal way to act that will result in rewards; in fact, I am just crossing my fingers that all the parents stop using their kids to get money altogether.

Photo: MTV