Up until now, I thought Teen Mom‘s Amber Portwood’s worst offense was the uneven, orange self-tanner she insisted on applying all over her face, and leaving a white ring around her mouth.

I guess I never took her and Gary’s problems too seriously.  After them breaking up and getting back together in every episode, it kind of seemed like white noise and I would tune them out.  However, one episode was enough to launch an investigation into Amber’s parenting style.  One episode featured Amber’s ex-fiance and baby daddy, Gary Shirley, threatening to call child protective services on her, after she physically attacked him by smacking him in the face and hitting him repeatedly, almost causing him to fall down the stairs. The episode was enough to get the attention of law officials.  On September 28 2010, Anne Holton of the Department of Child Services of Anderson, Indiana, told OK! magazine, “We have an ongoing assessment with regard to the family of Amber Portwood, and we continue to work with law enforcement on this matter.”

Both Amber and Gary will be interviewed on the matter.  MTV has removed the episode in question from their website for the time being.

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