Some people at The Gloss at have some pretty close male friends. Not because we want to date them (though yes, there are always going to be references to When Harry Met Sally) but because having friends of the opposite sex is great.

And fortunately, there’s a comedy that’s all about girls who like guys. My Boys centers around  PJ Franklin a twenty-something female sports writer for the Chicago Sun-Times, whose ‘family’ consists of a bunch of lovable guys who share all her favorite pastimes – sports, poker and beer.

We don’t love sports, poker OR beer – but the show did make us think about some of the completely stereotypical things we love about our (straight) male friends. For instance:

They do not think that you’re ordering nachos while they’re have a salad because you’re a bitch. They just think nachos are delicious.

They’ll never accuse you of flirting with their boyfriends

They will go see zombie movies with you and be excited about them

Yes, they can set your DVD up for you. Or not. Either way, they will not back down from the challenge.

They think that the fact that you can coordinate a blue tie with a white shirt for them means that you “know everything about fashion.”

But wow, those are completely stereotypical. Tell us in the comments what makes your best guy friend awesome and we’ll send the person with the best response a copy of the DVD.