Oh I totally knew that the cutey little blonde girl from Bridge to Terabithia would be totally hot someday!  Well, not like it was a big mystery…it was kinda obvious…but I just spotted her and she’s all grown up!

Some genius cast AnnaSophia Robb, who played Claire in Bridge to Terabithia, perfectly in a role as a surfer chick in a movie called “Soul Surfer” that is currently filming.  Her co-star and BFF is Lorraine Nicholson, another super cutie little blonde, who happens to be the daughter of Jack Nicholson.  (I would have guessed granddaughter…oh well)  Please tell me that this movie is like the new version of Blue Crush!!!!

Aww look how cute she still is…let’s just cross our fingers and hope we can get a few more years out of her before she turns into the next Lindsay Lohan trainwreck.  It’s sad, but sooo inevitable.

Image: Bauer Griffin