It’s probably easy to see that I have a bit of an obsession with Hollywood. It’s part of my livelihood, but the truth is that I’ve always been interested in celebrities – who’s dating whom, which stars are lined up for the next big blockbuster, and of course what everyone’s wearing on the red carpet.

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The problem with Hollywood though, is that even more so than any other industry out there, actresses get hit with ageism constantly. Women in Hollywood have to do as much as they can while they’re still considered young and sexy because once they reach a certain age they seem to get stuck with the less exciting roles – or worse, being used only as a supporting actress.

That being said, I don’t think age defines whether you’re beautiful or sexy. Confidence does. Of course, so does a lottery win of good genes, and with the industry being so fickle we can’t overlook plastic surgery too. Still, there are definitely hot women out there in Tinsel Town so here are the 5 hottest celebs over 50!

State Of Play premiere in London

5. Helen Mirren. The woman is in her 60s and she looks fantastic! The fact that she has visible wrinkles only works in her favor as far as I’m concerned because that means she’s not shooting up with Botox every three months – her beauty is natural. And honestly, and woman in her 60s who will go out in public in a bikini wins the “confidence is sexy” award in my books!


4. Sigourney Weaver. She managed to look super hot in dirty, ripped up clothing while she ran for her life, fighting back terrifying aliens back in 1979, so it’s not too difficult to understand why she would still rank as one of the hottest women over the age of 50 now.

Jennifer Tilly

3. Jennifer Tilly. She’s always exuded a smoldering self-confidence and a certain amount of sass. It’s really hard to believe that she’s over 50 years old because when you look at her you could easily subtract a decade and assume that it’s accurate.

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2. Susan Sarandon. What I’ve always loved about Susan is that she doesn’t seem to try all that hard. She’s just naturally beautiful and sexy and it’s like it just comes naturally to her. It would be annoying if it wasn’t for the fact that she’s also so incredibly likable.


1. Michelle Pfeiffer. She was the epitome of sexy when she pulled on her leather catsuit and waved her whip around as Catwoman, but she doesn’t need gimmicks to look good. Michelle has always been flawlessly gorgeous and she possesses a timeless beauty.

Who else did I miss?

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