There was a time, long ago, when I actually liked “The View.” It was around the time that the show aired, and it was kind of a new concept — a show hosted entirely by women, with the premise of airing women’s points of views on the pressing issues of the day.

Well, that lasted for about a second, and then — as loathe as I am to say this, because my inner feminist rails against the phrase — the show deteriorated rapidly into a bunch of clucking hens, and since then, it’s become impossible to watch. No one ever gets to complete a sentence, everyone interrupts each other, and Elisabeth Hasselbeck is a goddamn moron.

Anyway, not since Molly Shannon and Tracy Morgan did sketches about it on SNL has anyone accurately summarized the absurdity that is that show…until now. Over at, writer Richard Dorment challenges himself to watch shows that he sees as being “for women,” and “The View” is one of them. Here is his fairly brilliant synopsis:

Whoopi: “Here’s a story about some shit.”

Joy: “Wow, that’s some crazy shit.”

Elisabeth: “As a patriotic American, I believe in that shit.”

Barbara: “I once did that shit with Anwar Sadat.”

Sherri: “What is shit?”