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Brat Pack movie buffs, rejoice! It was 32 years ago today that a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess, and a criminal met for Saturday detention, and the world fell in love. Even though it’s been over three decades since The Breakfast Club premiered, the movie remains one of the most iconic coming-of-age films of all time.

To celebrate the 32nd anniversary of “detention day”, let’s take a look at some of the best Breakfast Club clothing and gifts, shall we?

Fourth Quarter Tees T-shirt, $16.99

This shot of Bender triumphantly raising his fist in the air as he walks across Shermer High’s football field is iconic.

Shipped to Sea cross-stitch, $39
il_570xN.680962782_iz4jThis is one of the greatest lines in the movie, and I love that the artist at Shipped to Sea immortalized it in a cross-stitch.

Buttonhead set of five pins, $4.79

Because your canvas tote bag needs these pins.

Veronica’s Showcase makeup bag, $14

Who wouldn’t want to carry around their makeup in this Breakfast Club bag?

MacMcCusker Ceramics tea cup, $35
il_570xN.915235769_slkt.jpgOh Gosh, Cindy watercolor portrait print, $13

This is a fantastic watercolor depiction of one of everybody’s favorite moments in the movie.

Heavenly Hayley hand-painted shoes, $45
il_570xN.898916505_qmk7Are you dying? I’m dying—I love these shoes so much!

Print Wolf minimalist poster, $18

Love this minimalist poster featuring all five club members.

Vada Sultenfuss tote bag, $11.55
il_570xN.895174257_p26jThe Breakfast Club‘s infamous makeover scene is one of the only moments in the film that leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. That’s why I love this re-imagining of the conversation between Claire and Allison. And the fact that the artist put it on a tote bag? Amazing!

Above Nostalgia heart patch, $5.05

Just try to tell me your favorite canvas tote bag doesn’t need this patch. Just try to!

Pulse Watches watch, $27.50
il_570xN.832346575_8a0zDon’t you forget about… Being on time.

Finlay McNevin print, $16

This print reminds me of the covers of the 1970s young adult fiction novels I use to scoop up at garage sales when I was a kid. Love that.

Stitch Boom Bang set of five hand-embroidered cocktail napkins, $55
il_570xN.919870173_jetbI can’t get over how adorable these cocktail napkins are. I have absolutely no use for cocktail napkins in my life, to be honest, but I want these so badly.

T-Shirt Fuxx T-shirt, $9.99

This T-shirt will help you weed out the bandwagon Breakfast Club fans from the die-hards.

Plat Cat Design metal planter pot, $9.99
il_570xN.757514014_9d1wHow cute would your favorite succulent look in this planter pot?

Say Anything Creations set of five greeting cards, $20
il_570xN.565751845_pi2sI am in love with this set of five greeting cards. Each one features a different quote from the movie and its own unique design. Click here to check out all five cards.

Dolly Eyes choker necklace, $6.99
il_570xN.714271709_dpo4This choker necklace perfectly marries your passion for ’80s cinema with your love for ’90s fashion.

9 Dollar Shirts T-shirt, $9

This T-shirt is available in sizes small through 5XL. You can also request for the print to be placed on a crew-neck sweatshirt or a hoodie instead of a tee.

The Foxy Hipster stud earrings, $18

How amazing are these stud earrings?

Out Nerd Me poster, $18

Bender’s boots and Claire’s diamond studs are two of the most iconic symbols from the film. I love that this poster also incorporates dozens of the movie’s best-known lines, too.

Always Again sweatshirt, $24.99
il_570xN.761083056_l2g0And last, but certainly not least, a comfy sweatshirt with the lyrics no Breakfast Club fan could ever forget.