I was starting to worry that The Client List wasn’t going to be picked up for another season. Thank God I was proved wrong! It premieres Sunday, March 10th and I couldn’t be more excited! Ads have been popping up in New York and Los Angeles. My most favorite one is this billboard on Sunset Boulevard.

the client list

Are these men running away from J Love Hewitt?

Look at this bus picture! Nice job Lifetime marketing team. You make public transportation look as glamorous as Jennifer makes hooking look like a stroll through the park.

the client list

Every single client who comes to see Jennifer at the massage parlor is strikingly handsome. She makes prostitution look so effortless and profitable, like an American Belle De Jour, but set in Texas. It’s unbelievably unrealistic.

the client list

Other surprises this season? Hollywood sources have said that Lifetime has a “cleavage free” policy on the show. That means that J Love won’t be wearing as many plunging necklines. However, she may actually be nude in a few episodes?

This doesn’t make all that much sense.

No matter. I am more excited about this than I was about the critically acclaimed Lindsay Lohan comeback vehicle, Liz and Dick. It’s the most magical train wreck ever filled with puppies, glitter, ice cream, and former afterschool special stars, minus the cleavage.

Now the CW just needs to bring The LA Complex back for another season. Then life would truly be complete.