“A half finished book is like a half finished love affair!” A half finished trailer is like a half finished really-long-meaningful-stare-on-the-subway-that-could-be-a-sexy-thing-but-God-Shame-really-made-you-think-twice-about-that-huh? Suffice to say, The Cloud Atlas trailer is here, and you should watch it in its 4 minute entirety:


Did you love Cloud Atlas? For people who avoided its cover’s sexy bookstore stare, the novel is set in various different time periods and with different characters (everyone from a 19th century ocean voyager to a futuristic “dinery server”), but maintains constant motifs throughout. People thought that it was un-filmable. Guess not. Guess the Wachowskis have gone and filmed it, and it’s due out October 26th with Tom Hanks and Halle Berry in major roles.  If you want to quickly buy the book before it gets Tom Hank’s face on the cover, you can do so here.

More importantly, how do you feel about books you like being made into movies? I mean, obviously it is a good thing sometimes, because, Gone With The Wind. They’re making the Book of Pi into a movie as well, but I feel like that is another topic, for another time.

Oh! And since this is a fashion and beauty site, how do you feel about Halle Berry’s dressing gown? She looks rumpled. Beautiful, but rumpled.