Interviewing Jill Stuart made us remember how many phrases there were in Clueless (one of the best fashion films ever!) that we used when we were 13, and now barely remember. But Valley Girl speak – which defined our youth as much as Daria and Doc Martens – is one of those things that, while gone, should never be forgotten. Use these handy sayings sporadically. Below, a brief guide.

As If: Not really

Baldwin: Handsome man

Betty: A beautiful woman

Buggin: Panicking

Cake boy: gay man

Cadge Me: Loan Me

Contempo-Casual: The world of Vallley Girls

Crispy: Chilly

Ensembly Challenged: Fashion Victim

Fin: Five dollars

Hagsville: Ugly

Herbal Refreshment: Marijuana

Get laced: Get high

Jeepin’: Vehicular sex

Kvelling: To be wound up by something

Lap: Walk the room

Monet: A girl who looks good from far away, but terrible up close.

Outty: Leaving

Ragin’: Fun, exciting

Ralph: Vomit

Ring-a-Ding Kid: Rock a Billy boy

Snaps: To commend, like “props”.

Stems: Legs

Surfing the Crimson Wave: Having your period

Whatever: Generally dismissive phrase

You got my mark: Seal of approval