the_great_gatsby_2“Come again?” I asked my mother last night when she told me what I’m about to tell you. Not only could I not believe my ears, but I couldn’t believe my mother even knew who this particular musician is. Granted, she listens to far more mainstream music than me, but last I checked, “hip-hop” was not being played on whatever generic radio station she’s been tuning in to for the last decade.

Before I could say “come again,” once more, my mother spouted off, “You know, the guy married to Beyoncé.” I kindly explained to my mother that I knew who Jay-Z was, that I was more than acquainted with his music, but still… it just seemed a weird match.

I’m sorry, but I do think Jay-Z doing the score for The Great Gatsby is a weird match! However, I also think it’s a brilliant match. It also seems to be a match that only Baz Luhrmann can appropriately concoct; the man might be a genius, but only with the release of the film will this be proven to be true or otherwise.

Yes, the trailer did include Jay-Z and Kanye West‘s “No Church In The Wild” but that’s a trailer, hardly an entire score to a film. It was also “leaked” back in April that Luhrmann’s love for Jay-Z was very apparent on the film’s set with his albums being in heavy rotation, but again, that doesn’t necessarily mean he had picked the man to do the score for the movie.

However, any doubts, questions or confusion were put to rest when Jeymes Samuel of The Bullitts tweeted:

Screen Shot 2013-01-01 at 2.03.57 AM

I’m all for classics that adhere to the classic-status, but I’m also thinking that a breath of fresh air never hurt anyone. I don’t know if F.Scott Fitzgerald would agree on all this, but let’s just hope then when it’s all over, it will have done not just the book, but the man who wrote it, justice. That’s the best that one can hope for when it comes to the books-to-movie business, anyway.


Photo: Warner Bros.