Weddings can be a stressful time for everyone involved. As the bride and groom’s families get to know each other, people’s feelings will inevitably get hurt and misunderstandings will occur. I’m just happy that in my case, one of the people that I might piss off isn’t the Queen of England.

Guess who isn’t so lucky? Kate Middleton. According to CNN, someone in the Middleton clan — it’s not quite clear who — announced via Twitter that Kate might be arriving to the wedding in a car instead of a carriage (heavens!), and the Queen caught wind of the announcement without having been briefed herself. The reporter says that the Queen went into a private room and “demanded a phone,” from which she called Prince William and was like — and I paraphrase — “WTF.”

She was primarily pissed off, it turns out, over the fact that the information was released via Twitter, which called “undignified.”

Snap. But at the same time, you know what? Fair. The word that I would use to describe Twitter is probably not “dignified.” And in fact, I don’t think that constant updates about what you’re thinking about doing for your wedding belong on social media. Announce it when you have actual plans, if at all. And Jesus Christ, if you’re marrying royalty, maybe wait to tweet about it.