Those squalid sexual libertines at The New Yorker have done it again!

Following a notice they’d violated Facebook’s standards on “nudity and sex,” The New Yorker temporarily had its account suspended, forcing it to house its polysexual threesomes and drug-fueled butt orgies elsewhere. The offending image? The above cartoon depicting Adam and Eve after their first somewhat unsatisfying roll in the grass. Scandalous!

The New Yorker‘s cartoon blogger was quick to point out the absurdity of this harsh ruling, noting that the difference between the okey dokey nipples and the unconscionable ones was rather small:

He also re-posted the Facebook picture guidelines guidelines recently unearthed by Gawker and made fun of them a little for their troubling reference to “female nipple bulges.”

It looks like Mark Zuckerberg has positioned himself as the heir to Steve Jobs‘ ridiculous war on sexy. That said, I guess it’s a slippery slope…let The New Yorker post its salacious dots, and the next thing you know, Facebook is nothing but a Boschian tangle of sucking and fucking genitals.

(Via Uproxx)

Cartoon: Mick Stevens