Today, the New York Times breaks the news about a hip phrase that some of the kids are using: “make it rain.”

The phrase, they say, describes an action performed in places called “strip clubs.” It refers to when a gentleman present in the strip club approaches a nude or nearly nude woman who’s dancing on a stage, then tosses a stack of one dollar bills (the monetary denomination de rigeur) at her in an effort to make it look as though it’s “raining” money.

This became news after members of a football team — imagine! — gained entrance to such a club, and went on to perform the ritual:

…news reports surfaced this week that Hines Ward and other members of the Pittsburgh Steelers huddled at the Dallas Gentlemen’s Club one night, with some of them indulging in a strip-club ritual known as “making it rain,” i.e., showering dancers with fistfuls of cash.

The story goes on to say that after the alleged incident, the newly coined phrase made its way around what’s coming to be known as “the internet” and radio stations, where some DJ’s had to be told what it means.

Thanks, the New York Times.