Over the weekend a friend introduced me to her new boyfriend. He’s a personal trainer and does some modeling on the side. He mentioned that he’s featured on the box and appears on the infomercial for some “ab-blasting machine.” He then confessed he never once used the machine and that his super hard, shiny, 8 pack abs are not the result of the “ab-blaster.” I was crushed. You mean all those infomercials are a lie? Somewhere in my psyche I knew this to be true, but I just didn’t want to believe it.

I feel as if I come across a celebrity endorsing a new product every day. Recently, I have seen Katy Perry and Avril Lavigne rave about the effectiveness of Pro-Activ. Elaine from Seinfeld eats Healthy Choice and Hayden Panettiere washes her face every morning with Neutrogena Foam Face Wash! Lastly, Brooke Shields and now Claire Danes use Latisse to help their lashes grow. We are a society that’s so wound up around celebrity news and drama that we can’t help but buy into the image that yes, these celebrities do use these products and that they do work.

I now know this is a lie. A terrible lie to get us to order Pro-Activ for only two payments of $19.95 and if you order within the next ten minutes, they even throw in a free green tea moisturizing cream. Unfortunately for my friend, she found out too late. Over the weekend (before the unfortunate get-together with the trainer turned model who changed my perspective on said issue) my friend ordered the “Shake Weight” in hopes to get skinny arms like the model in the commercial. But truth be told, the model in the commercial was either born with skinny arms or stopped eating until she got skinny arms.

So thank you, model boyfriend of my friend who came over on Sunday. Thank you for crushing my dreams but showing me the truth and making me forever avoid having my credit card handy.

And here’s a link to see Claire Danes’ Latisse commercial. What do you think and what is your infomercial buy? Don’t be embarrassed, we’ve all been there (or at least been tempted).