Well, hello there, Rob.

After being on the air since 1972, The Price Is Right has decided it’s time to add a fella to the mix. Since its premiere 40 years ago the models, who so eloquently present the objects on which people have to guess the price, have always been women. But those days of ladies-only on the stage are about to come to an end with Rob Wilson from Boston.

The contest to win the “week-long stint” (yes, he only gets a week to do it) was announced in July. Hundreds of male models showed up for the chance to get the coveted spot of handing the microphone to host Drew Cary at the beginning of the show, hypnotize the audience with their pearly whites while demonstrating how products work and, of course, the ever-famous presentation move that The Price Is Right models have down to a science. This would involve smiling as hard as possible then sweeping your arm graciously in the direction of the item that’s up for grabs.

Although they’ve decided Wilson is the man for the job, his attire for the week has yet to be mentioned. But here’s hoping it’s something just as glitzy as the dresses in which they put the ladies. There aren’t enough men on television in sequins, so if we could get that for one week out of the year, that would be great. If you’re going to be put on display, you might as well be fancy about it. Going shirtless with only a price tag isn’t exactly doing anything for male models everywhere.


Photo: Associated Press/CBS