Watched the video? Great. A few questions!

1) Would you go see the Sex and the City prequel?

2) Are you the younger generation they’re talking about?  I’m in my 20’s and feel like I grew up on Sex and the City so… the younger generation is 14?

3) How trampy is Blake Lively!?

4) Wait. Selena Gomez? As uber-WASP Charlotte? Really? I think the obvious elephant in the room here is that Selena Gomez has a a spunkier personality than Kristin Davis.

5) Wasn’t The Golden Girls a fun and likable show?

6) Don’t you think Samantha would have gotten a cane?

7) Why are all their children babies forever?

8) Do you make angry fist motions at your television when you are angry? Would that be a fun things to do?

9) There will probably be some sort of cameo appearence of Mr. Big in the prequel, won’t there? Like, Carrie will be out at some nightclub and see some cute guy and ask Samantha who it is and she’ll say “that’s John Big” and Carrie will snort dismissively and say “he looks like an asshole” and we’ll all chuckle knowingly, right?

10) Right?

11) Isn’t it weird that there’s another Olsen?