Well, someone had to learn this the hard way. Thinking that they would appeal to the high-minded tendencies of their clientele, Abercrombie tried to do a PR stunt yesterday by offering to pay The Situation to stop wearing their clothes.

But apparently, the stock market loves The Situation more than it loves Abercrombie’s marketing department, and today, the company’s stock fell by 9%.

Really, though, is anyone surprised? After all, this is a company who has half-naked men stand in front of their stores and is now trying to distance themselves from one of the world’s most famous half-naked men. What did they think was going to happen? That the 35-50 demographic famous for shopping with them* was going to sit back, sip their yerba mates and applaud? Perhaps a little self-reflection is in order here, Abercrombie. I hate to be the one to hold up the mirror, but you’re no longer a purveyor of luxury hunting and sporting apparel.


*No such demographic exists.