Plenty of good things get posted on the internet. Pictures of baby otters, for instance. Or images of “Star Wars” characters wearing high fashion.

But nothing lately has been as good as this story about what may be the world’s smallest dog. The tiny little gal is a Dachshund mix whose name is Beyonce (amazing, in and of itself). She was the runt of a litter born on March 8, and at the time could fit into a spoon. Beyonce didn’t have a heartbeat when she emerged from her mama, but vets in the Northern California area were able to revive her, and have now submitted her for consideration to the Guinness Book of World Records.

This story is particularly relevant for us, since we are a website whose readership is comprised of women who have purse dogs. So if purse dogs were actually a little too big for your liking, and what you really wanted was a pocket dog, it looks like you may have gotten your wish.