Girls! Girls! Girls! It sounds like a song from the 80’s, doesn’t it? And I guess it is. Mötley Crüe, maybe? Yes, Google confirmed this to be true. But Girls is fucking everywhere, so that song is pretty fitting for the moment.

On top of the new season of HBO’s Girls and the nail polish that is supposedly inspired by it in some weird way, we now have the the soundtrack. It was bound to happen, wasn’t it? Each episode always had at least one song that had many people running to their computers to get on this fan page or that to try to figure out what a particular song was. It’s hard not to love a show that has Belle & Sebastian in the closing credits of the one of the episodes. It’s also harder to listen to Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own” without picturing Hannah and Marnie dancing after realizing Elijah is gay. Oh, Girls, who have weaseled your way into our lives. Yes, you’re amazing. OK. Happy now?

Not only did Lena Dunham score all these artists for the show and now for the soundtrack, but she also got Santigold to do a song specifically for Girls. Yes, Lena is that cool and the rest of us are… um, still kicking ourselves for not getting on our book proposal.

So who’s psyched for this soundtrack? Who’s pre-ordered it? And who’s just fucking sick of Lena Dunham and just wants her to go away already?

The Santigold song is pretty fucking badass.

Photo: HBO