baby hree parent

There are going to be babies with three parents! It’s a really good thing! According to Jezebel:

Britain has given the OK to “three-parent” fertility treatments that would implant genetically modified embryos into women in order to avoid passing on incurable diseases to their children.

Britain will be the first country in the world to put the technology—which is in research stages in the U.S.—to practice. There are different approaches to three-parent IVF treatments. One, called a maternal spindle transfer, swaps DNA between a mother’s egg and a donor egg, whereas pronuclear transfer swaps DNA between two fertilized eggs. The latter raises ethical concerns, particularly among the pro-life crowd, while others are critical that the methods could lead to “designer babies,” in which parents genetically modify their children’s hair or eye color.

Oh, God, I hope this new kind of babies does not take all the terrible qualities from three separate people! Technology is giving us more things to worry about, if that is a thing you worry about.

But, also, this sounds pretty great. Great in that it means that you will not be passing incurable diseases onto your children (which is spectacular). I know that there is always worry about people using technology like this to create designer babies, but, really, what’s so wrong with me wanting to give little Zenia violet colored eyes that she can also shoot lasers out of? Nothing. That’s just what being a good mother is. Wanting what is best for your tiny mutant laser-eyeball beam shooting baby.

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