peanut butter cup beer

I am always a little conflicted when I hear stories about beers that taste like things. There are a lot of those stories, like this one today about a beer that tastes like a peanut butter cup. It’s made by DuClaw Brewing in Maryland. According to DesignTaxi:

This unusual beer not only have an exceptionally catchy name, but also tastes seriously good—according to Uncrate, it “smells and tastes like a really great Reese Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup”.

The perfect drink for the sweet-toothed beer-lover, this may be the beer counterpart to a delicious dessert wine.



Meanwhile, Jezebel says:

I know lots of people don’t want their beer to taste like quinoa casserole, but not me. The weirder the better — give it here.

I mean, I think that’s a good thing, but I’m never fully sure on why these beers are marketed as beers. They seem like they’re largely for people who do not like the taste of beer, so why not just market it as “alcoholic chocolate peanut butter flavored beverage?” I feel like that would really help E.T. or any of the other people that it seems like this beverage would cater to.

As it is, it always feels like a little bit of a sham. It’s as if they’re saying “look at you, you’re all cool, drinking your beer like you’re in an ad where people go fishing,” but no. No, in reality, you are drinking something that tastes like it should have come out of a fluroscent orange wrapper.

That said, I absolutely hate beer, and would drink this in a second, so there’s that.

Picture via DuClaw