Look, I know that pretty much all models are like nine years old. Or fifteen. Whatever. But honestly? I’m not over it. And I’m not over it for a couple of reasons.

1. It’s really weird that our society flips the fuck out over the most minor, inconsequential, and often imagined sexualization of girls (holla, Miley Cyrus), and yet an entire industry thrives on mostly naked teens strutting down aisles having their pictures taken and slapped all over international magazines.

2. It’s also really weird to look at girls that I consider still borderline children and have them so idolized for their beauty. Like this chick at left, Lindsey Wixson, 16. I’m not saying that she’s not beautiful — she obviously is. But she’s not even out of high school, you guys!

I mean, even as I write this I feel like a total fuddy-duddy. Like, “oh, these girls are too young, wah wah wah.” But it’s just very hypocritical, as a society that completely panics when girls start acting at all sexual that somehow models — because they’re…so pretty? — are exempt from the things that apply to other teens. I say, either let teens do what they want and let them own their own sexuality, or don’t. But this halfway shit doesn’t fly with me.