Remember back in the “Duck Tale” days, when Scrooge McDuck would do the backstroke through heaps of gold coins? Well, ever since then, I often think about what kinds of things I could fill a room with and swim in. When I was younger, it was 3 Musketeers bars. Now that I’m older, it’s Dove chocolates.

Just kidding, it’s money! But also, this:

“…Chef John Folse & Company and Cabot Creamery Cooperative set out on the morning of Thursday, September 23 to establish a new Guinness World Record for the world’s largest Mac & Cheese. The result was a 2,469 pound serving of Mac & Cheese that shattered the existing Guinness world record of 414 pounds…” (via press release)

Some people save dolphins, and some people do things that matter. I’d say we all know which category Folse and Cabot fall into, hmm?