Being single and ridiculous was part of her charm, no?

Being single and ridiculous was part of her charm, no?

In college someone gave me Bridget Jones’s Diary. I didn’t want it, but they swore I’d love it. I tossed it in the back seat of my car and never picked it up again. In fact, when my father sold my car after I moved to New York City, I’m pretty sure it was still in the back somewhere and the 16-year-old who scored my 1999 Saturn was stoked to see a book and a wide array of mix tapes came with it. Reading about the misadventures of a single Brit was not something I was into; I was already forced to take several Jane Austen classes that year, so that was enough. One only needs so many Mr. Darcy characters in their life.

However, I saw the movie — both of them — and cringed just as often as everyone else and, of course, swooned at the “I like you very much, just as you are.” I’m human; humans do that shit.

While I’ll never say Bridget Jones was a great model for single women with her whole obsession with weight and preference for assholes, I will admit that being single was part of her charm. Bridget embodied so much of what many single women encounter — all those glorious stumbles, the endearing fuck-ups and so much vodka and Chaka Khan. But Helen Fielding, the writer behind it all, has moved on in her life and is bringing her single character up to date:

“The story will be set in present-day London, with Bridget at a later stage in her life. My life has moved on and Bridget’s will move on, too… I hope people will have as much fun reading it, as I am writing it.”

The book will be released in November 2013, and although it hasn’t been stated, we can almost guarantee that Renee Zellweger will be back for round three of the film series.

While I can understand that many of Bridget’s fans have also moved on and are probably married off with kids and the like, as someone who was single when the first movie came out and am single again with this announcement, a part of me feels betrayed. It’s a similar feeling that comes with looking at your friends who are jumping into the next chapter of their life. I’m standing here looking around, admiring the scenery, and my friend Kelsey is giving birth to her first child. (Actually, this juxtaposition happened earlier today, so I have it on the brain.)

I know some won’t agree, and some will. But overall, can we just admit that Bridget was really darling single, and that marriage life might stifle her quirkiness? (So said, the single girl.)

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